Sticky Merz Birthday Cake

Sticky merz cake18 months ago I had never heard of Kurt Schwitters or Merz, and then all of a sudden he started cropping up in my research, and in conversations about modernism, collage and the Degenerate Art which Hitler mocked and despised. I seem to be developing an interest in the period between the two world wars both historically in my investigations of the Basque children in Salford and in the artists I admire such as Paul Klee, Jean Miró and now Kurt Schwitters.

Anyway to cut a long ramble short, I went away on an artists’ retreat this weekend at the Merz barn in Elterwater to celebrate Schwitter’s birthday. It was a wonderful weekend full of creativity, good conversation, good company, music and fun.  On the Saturday we made costumes for a Dada procession. I’m not the sort of person who enjoys costume so I made a birthday cake out of sticks to carry which I later burnt on the bonfire!

Claire and  sticky merz cake

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