I had some really good news today; a piece of my work has been selected for the Salford Open Exhibition at Cow Lane Studios  and I’m really excited about it. It is the same piece that was selected for the West Lancashire Open at the Chapel Gallery in  Ormskirk last year. I also submitted “Searching for Clarity”, the quilt I wrote about in my post on 7th April, but this didn’t get through, so, even though I love it, I’ve got to assess whether it is a suitable piece for exhibition.

The piece that has been selected “Why Would Anyone Keep a Broken Gravy Jug?” really is a special piece for me, and I think there is something about it that resonates with other people too.  It has a story to tell and I think that shows through.

After my Aunt died, my sister and I had the horrible job of clearing out her house. Going through a private person’s private stuff is very emotional, and she kept a lot of stuff! At the end of a long and tiring day we decided to clear one more cupboard before we left. Amongst her extensively collected Lavender Rose dinner service there was a broken gravy jug. My sister just groaned “Why would anyone keep a broken gravy jug?” which sparked an interesting conversation about the things people would find in our cupboards, and how we tend to keep things for sentimental reasons to remind us of people and events in the past.

This conversation made me realise how much I keep in order to hold on to the past. I have got my dad’s bow ties from the 1960s that he wore when I was little. I keep them in a plastic bag, and when I take them out I can still faintly smell his wardrobe after 19 years!  I decided this gravy jug must have been special or why would she have kept it? So I made it a little rippled comfort blanket to keep it safe and put all the pieces back together.

May 28, 2012


Thank you. Most of my pieces have a story and I have been wondering where the right place on the site is to tell them. I don’t want to create too much clutter in my gallery. I am beginning to think the blog is the right place for them.

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