As a result of working with people who have learning disabilities, I have an extensive set of communication skills and tools to bring to my facilitation. In addition, I am able to draw on a broad knowledge and experience of organisational structure and policy development, gained in both employment and volunteering at board level.

I specialise in creating listening environments for consultations, group facilitation, business planning and policy development with community groups. By using individually designed visual aids and creating activities specific to the requirements of the group, my methods work particularly well with those reluctant or unable to engage with the written word or traditional meeting structures and hierarchies.  I use a mix of graphic facilitation, group doodling and craft activities to enable understanding and to maintain interest.  My methods work particularly well with people who wander or who lose interest quickly!

Please note that I am NOT a consultant. Using art, craft and visual imagery, I create environments for you to conduct and record your consultation.