I’ve got a little exhibition at Nexus Art Cafe at the moment.  It’s a lovely venue and my work is on display under spotlights, which makes it sparkle. There are pieces on display there that I’ve mentioned in previous posts and also three new pieces.  One of my new year resolutions last year was to use fabric and threads from my stash and not to buy any new unless it made something from my stash useable. This really worked, making space in my boxes and cupboards, saving me money and making me more creative by limiting choices.

Moving on Maps

These three pieces came together from samples I made when experimenting for my quilt “Waiting for Tide and Time”, stitched together with some silk threads a friend bought me years ago from the Knitting and Stitching Show. The kantha wool frames were made from the salvaged bits of a large piece of machine knitted felt I made for the DIY wall hanging but which got tangled in the washing machine. I had to redo it for them leaving me the proud owner of an expensive piece of stuck together and clumpy washing machine felt!

1) Desert of Dithering

 2) Archipelagos of Procrastination

3) Fjords of Faffing

February 2, 2014

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