Nana Knitwit’sKnit and Natter

Nana Knitwit is my festival character who draws together a range of my skills and personal qualities, including many years experience in community work, volunteering, Total Communication with people with learning disabilities, consultation and creative development. She is a good listener, story teller and artist who, with her slightly eccentric character and sense of fun, uses knitting, pompom making and wool craft to create a relaxed environment which encourages men, women and children from all walks of life to talk to each other.

“Nana Knitwit’s Knit and Natter” is a relaxed, intergenerational and multicultural activity that is fun at a festival or, by using more targeted conversation, can be part of a consultation process that brings people together from a variety of backgrounds in a non threatening, relaxed way.

Please note that I am NOT a consultant. Using art, craft and visual imagery I create environments for you to conduct and record your consulatation.

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In addition to “Nana Knitwit’s Knit and Natter” my community activities also include “Learning”, “Facilitation” and “Celebration”.