Bed Quilt for the Radcliffe Bed at Ordsall Hall

Radclyffe Bed Over the last few years I’ve done various work at Ordsall Hall. It’s a really special and interesting place. I think I’m drawn back to it again and again because so much of its history and story is visible and my practice is very much based on the traces we leave behind and the things we choose to keep.The house has had an interesting history and a variety of uses and shows the scars of all its reincarnations. You could look at these as spoiling the original, but without theseĀ  it would have been destroyed many years ago. In December 2014 a small miracle happened, and an original piece of furniture from the Hall was returned on loan, The Radclyffe Bed which had been lost from history. As a fundraiser for the Hall people were encouraged to have their names embroidered onto a bed cover so I made sure mine was on the list! Today I’ve been to the unveiling and its delightful. The embroidery was done by The Embroideres Guild, including the Manchester Branch which I belong to.Radclyffe Bed Quilt

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