The Warrington Contemporary Art Exhibition

I’ve had a piece of my work accepted for the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival which I’m really pleased about.  It’s actually the first part of a triptych, but I didn’t get part three finished in time! I’ve called it “Souvenirs of a Life Remembered” because I made it from a souvenir holiday scarf I found at my Aunt’s when I cleared out her house. Was it a souvenir she brought back from her own trip or was it a gift from someone else’s holiday?

“Souvenirs of a Life Remembered” Copyright Claire Hignett

It’s on display from 18th October to 22nd November

Knitting and Printing with DIY Theatre Company

I’ve been working with DIY Theatre Company since April to create a textile wall hanging to celebrate their 18 year history.  We have had a lot of fun along the way! We decided to create a stripe, knitted on the knitting machine to represent each company member, creating a colour scheme for DIY. Each member of the current company knitted their own stripe on my lightweight machine.  I then knitted a time line, starting a new band of colours each time the company members changed. David, Angela, Sandra and Sue have been there since the very beginning so their stripes appears in every band.  It’s quite interesting to see how the colour scheme has changed over the years.  I made a bit of a mistake calculating the length with shrinkage for felting, so it has ended up three times longer than it should, so we have had to change the design of the hanging, but for the better I think…

We needed to create a backing cloth and used the pizza base circles we made earlier in the year to create the effect of lots of cogs working in the background.  Here are some great pictures of some of the group doing the printing.

Joan, Robert, Anna, Joanne, Angela and Cathy (photos with permission DIY Theatre Company)