Preparing for autumn

My posts are likely to be a bit erratic over the next few weeks so please bear with me! I’m not doing a great deal that’s creative and I’m preparing for the autumn by cleaning the conservatory so I can set up my knitting machine over the winter (it’s far too hot in the summer), tidying up my allotment, making jam and chutney and preparing for a big facilitation in September. I’m waiting for replies to e-mails about the Basque children, but everyone is on holiday and I’m consolidating the information I have already collected about them. So I’m really busy but not in a way that makes for an interesting post! I’ve got a couple of activities planned during the month that should be of interest so will post as and when they happen.

“Croeso”, welcome

“Creoso” is Welsh for welcome and is the title of this commission I recently made to celebrate the birth of a little boy. Inspired by  the work I am doing for my “Waiting for Tide and Time series”, I experimented with layers of silk, satin, organza and metallics. I machined these together in straight(ish) rows which I then carefully cut to reveal the layers below, followed by a quick wash in the machine to fray and rough it all up.

I then embroidered his name, date of birth and “Creoso”, fading the thread colour from mauve to lilac and sand.

This was a present from the mother’s godfather. He was really pleased with it and apparently the family love it.