IMAA Warehouse Residency 6

When we started the residency we asked ourselves three qustions..

What have I made? What do I plan to make? What kind of artist do I want to be?

I brought in the dress hanging on the gibbet coathanger that I made for Part 1 of my City and Guilds in Embroidery years ago, as this is what I consider to be the first piece of art rather than decoration I ever made. It’s the first thing I tried to make to invoke a feeling, a feeling of discomfort in this case. Based on the design sheet you can just see in the background of the picture, with the title “The media”, it was based around two articles from Marie Claire magazines, one about children at war and one about baby beauty queens.

I’ve now brought my talkie walkie doll into the studio, still in the bag she has been living in the loft in. I was going to take her out of the bag, but at the moment the bag is symbolic of protection, and somehow the doll is getting muddled with the little boy on the beach from my previous post, who just looked like a doll…

I’m in a real muddle creatively about what is going on here, but I suppose that is what a residency is all about?


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