This is the fourth time I’ve helped facilitate DIY Theatre Companys Three Year Plan, that’s twelve years that have gone very fast! We ran three sessions, one for the full company, one for the board of directors and one for the friday group who undertake the educational activities for the company. As usual they were really welcoming and very forthcoming with ideas and suggestions for the future and practical solutions to problems.

It has been fantastic watching this theatre company grow over the years, how the members have taken on more responsibility for themselves and the development of the company. I was particularly iimpressedby how much evaluation of projects and activities is part of the DNA of the company.

DIY is an established Theatre Company of learning disabled performers who have been creating entertaining, accessible and thought-provoking theatre since 1994. I’ve known them since 1995. In 2013 I was involved in a Heritage Lottery project with them called Picking up the threads to celebrate their history

November 21, 2015

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