On Friday I went to have lunch with the members of DIY Theatre Company  at The Angel  in Salford. Last year I worked with them to create an exhibition to showcase the end of a project they were working on, and they had some photos for me that I had forgotten to collect.

They had received funding to take their play “Ellie’s Story” to schools within the M60 boundary and run Arts Awards projects with the young people. Working with the Friday Group (their outreach team), we designed, printed and sewed banners and cushions to represent the different aspects of the project. We made a banner out of net and sewed comments and photos of the group to it, saying how they felt about the project.  The children had used giant music notes for feedback so we used a roller to print lines of music to display them on, and for the third banner we printed school buildings and made a border of tarmac coloured minibuses to represent the M60.

The photographs below were taken by DIY and are published with their permission. They show Anna, Cathy, Tracey and Joan sewing and printing.  It was a lovely way to work, discussing and making decisions about the practicalities of the event while keeping our hands busy.  I really enjoyed meeting everybody again to catch up.

Do check out their website www.diytheatre.org.uk. They really are a professional and innovative outfit, and if you live locally to Salford, try to catch one of their plays if you can.

June 6, 2012


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