Cobweb Collagraph

Cobweb collagraph plateI really enjoyed the Collagraph printing, but it took me ages to start to ink the plate (above) because it was so beautiful in its own right and I didn’t want to spoil it!

I’m really pleased with the prints though.

Cobweb Collagraph PrintsThese are based on drawings I did of cobwebs covering part of a windowsill in the attic at Islington Mill. I usually draw on sheets of A2 paper so I can really expand on tiny detail. So the image below is actually A2 in size, with magnified detail of the inspiration for the print.

Islington Mill CobwebsIslington Mill Cobwebs (detail)One of the things I’ve started to enjoy about blogging is how all images become equal because however large or tiny they started out they are reduced to pretty much the same dimensions.

There’s some really good instructions for Intaglio collagraph printing on Bill Chambers website

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