I am very much inspired by the textures created by erosion and the destruction of time, particularly on the manmade, in the landscape and on the personal objects we leave behind us. This has resulted in work inspired by Whitby Abbey and the Great Pyramid, and by the grave goods and fabrics in the Coptic Collections at the British Museum and the Museum of Textiles in Barcelona.

Although I love these early pieces, I have felt the need to add another dimension to my work by trying to evoke feeling and memory. This came about through my final college collection, “Cherished, Lost, Broken and Found”, where I made vessels to evoke cherished memories and to enfold and repair the objects we keep to remember people and events.

This project was inspired by the landscape and ripples at Crosby Beach, and particularly by the memories and feelings evoked by the Antony Gormley statues.  Although I never visited Crosby with my Dad, the statues created a powerful emotional response of sadness, yearning and happy childhood holiday memories. He loved harbours, beaches, cliffs and piers and was always at peace when he was staring out to sea, lost in thought.  The rows of statues staring out across the horizon reminded me so much of him, and I made my first vessel to evoke these memories.

My creative goal is to develop pieces based on my own cherished memories and objects and make commissions based on other people’s recollections. My collection of 2D textile pieces creating the effect of ripples and erosion is called “Waiting for Time and Tide”. I am developing these techniques into 3D to create vessels that evoke the feelings of time passing, of holding on to fading memories, celebrating the past and looking back with joy.



March 29, 2012


I agree completely with you re the Anthony Gormley work. When we went to Crosby a few years back the tide was in and we could just see the odd head and shoulders – we walked a couple of miles and of course when we returned there were more figures in view. It was unforgettable and mesmerising – yes it provoked memories and thoughts. I like all the Gormley stuff.

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