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Web storageOne of the things I enjoy about blogging is the connections I make in my head while I am writing and sorting through pictures. While writing my last post, I linked the images and Ideas I am having now with a college project from 2008 on the theme of “architexture” inspired by our collapsing shed.  Part of that involved standing on steps and photographing and drawing the holes in the shed roof which provided a surprising source of inspiration. The detrius collected in the holes that the the spider’s webs protected proved particularly inspiring..

Here’s my sketchbook drawing of the above photo using mostly metallic pens.

SketchbookThis little web was the start of my fascination with the things we hold on to and of making art to protect them.

The outcome of this project was my “discomfort blanket” pictured below sunbathing on the roof of the shed, just after the asphalt had blown off in a gale!

Discomfort BlanketLooking back has been a worthwhile exercise, showing how far my work has progressed practically, but also realising that it is beginning to have more depth.

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