I had the chance to make a commission for a lovely lady called Pat, who wanted a piece of embroidery for her newly refurbished bedroom. She sent me a sample of her curtain material before we met.  It was of trailing leaves in autumn colours.  A couple of weeks previously I had been out into the garden and drawn some blackberry flowers, a quick sketch to use in an exercise on using a view finder for a class I was running. I hadn’t realised how lovely blackberry flowers are, with their gorgeous little fluffy stamens that look like tiny beads. I’d been looking for a project to do with them, so I cut off a small spray and took photos of them against Pat’s fabric.  I really liked the way the bright green added a bit of zing to the autumn colours.

I took the photos with me to our meeting along with a couple of pieces of my work, including the kantha/devoré quilt I made a while back.  The blue of the quilt looked really fresh in the room, and we decided a blue backgound would look good as the embroidery was to hang on the wall opposite the window.  Pat showed me a poem she had written called “Morning Sleep”, and I asked her for a copy to inspire the embroidery.  Using the poem and the blackberry flowers as inspiration I created the design above which I finally delivered on the day before Christmas Eve.


December 28, 2013

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