Using the subjectivity of nostalgia, the objectivity of hindsight and the familiarity of textiles and childhood games I explore themes of safety and protection, security and insecurity, transience and permanence.

Guernica Remakings

temporary text

The Basque Children in Salford 1937

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Liminality Exhibition 2016

IMAA Warehouse Residency

Secret & Sacred

I had the most amazing opening night for Secret and Sacred. It was really special.  The feedback was that I had really managed to create the feeling of stillness and contemplation found in the attic at Islington Mill. My knitted glow in the dark reliquiries to abandoned art work really seemed to work and created […]

Installation at Ordsall Hall

Finally installed my machine knitted and embroidered piece into the attic at Ordsall Hall today. It’s taken a while to make with all that dyeing of yarn and a misbehaving knitting machine. It’s not the machine’s fault, it has just been too humid this month to work with wool, so it’s been a bit of […]

Warrington Contemporary

Lancashire Open

Souvenirs of a Life Remembered Waiting for Tide and Time: Crosby Beach

Cow Lane Salford Open